Custom Orthotics

ALINE Orthotics

F&S/Wellness Physical Therapy is proud to announce that we are now fitting patients with ALINE orthotics. Why ALINE instead of custom products? Custom products are expensive and they only capture the foot in one shape, standing still. For active people, this does not work. ALINE was designed with flexible suspension zones to provide the active person with durable support, while still allowing the hundreds of moving bones, ligaments, and tendons to move the way nature intended. Powerful ribbed arch structures work together with the flexible suspension zones to help align the entire leg from foot to hip. This decreases harmful forces on the feet, knees and ankles.

Keep Your Feet Warm This Winter!

Ask us about the ALINE RTS-W. This orthotic is recommend for cold weather applications and includes:

  • Ultra Thin Warmth - Aluminum vapor deposition technique provides over 400 grams of insulation. Your foot is insulated from the cold and your heat reflected back to you.
  • Breathable - HeatReflect™ is breathable and combined with our memory foam technology so bone chilling moisture is wicked away.
  • Easy Entry - HeatReflect™ honeycomb top sheet allows for easy entry into even the tightest of boots.
  • Performance - Advanced fabric and silicone Grip Strips combine with the Gold Medal winning ALINE bFAST® technology underneath to create the ultimate performance system.

It does not matter whether you have flat feet or high arches, wide feet or narrow feet, you will get the benefit of ALINEment. What that means is that ALINE orthotics provide proper alignment and optimal performance, no matter what position you are in.

Visit for more information. Then, give us a call, at any of our locations, when you're ready to order.